Ide Resep: Fried banana one bites

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Fried banana one bites. This Fried Banana Bites Recipe is easys and delicious and gets great reviews too. We have a video tutorial to show you how. If you are yet to discover this Fried Banana Bites Recipe, now is time to try.

Fried banana one bites

They will be great to make use of all of the bananas I had on hand. These little bites are so super simple and make for a great dessert. They look super tasty and decadent when you dress them with powdered sugar, caramel and add on a small scoop of ice.
Kamu dapat membuat sendiri Fried banana one bites dengan menggunakan 12 bahan dan 4 langkah. Berikut cara untuk kamu memasak Fried banana one bites.

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Bahan-bahan untuk membuat Fried banana one bites

  1. Kamu butuh 5 bh pisang.
  2. Siapkan 50 gr terigu.
  3. Kamu butuh 1 sdm tepung beras.
  4. Sekitar 100 ml air.
  5. Sekitar Margarin.
  6. Kamu butuh Minyak goreng.
  7. Sekitar Vanili.
  8. Kamu butuh Tusuk sate (boleh skip).
  9. Siapkan Topping.
  10. Kamu butuh Susu kental manis.
  11. Siapkan Gula halus.
  12. Sekitar Chocolatos bubuk.

Fried Banana – This is a simple recipe, but a good one. It has a nice gooey interior and a crispy crust around the edges. It's a sweet tasty treat that can be eaten as I usually don't do this because Banana is sweet on its own. However, I do like to sprinkle a bit of salt on it to give it a sweet and salty taste.

Instruksi pembuatan Fried banana one bites

  1. Taruh duo tepung dalam wadah bersama vanili,tuang air aduk rata.
  2. Potong2 pisang,masukan dalam adonan cair aduk rata.
  3. Campurkan margarin & minyak,biarkan panas goreng pisang satu2 hingga berubah warna & angkat tiriskan.
  4. Taruh sebagian pisang di wadah,beri susu lalu taburi chocolatos & sisa pisang di tata pada tusuk sate lalu taburi gula halus.

These simple Pan-fried Bananas are caramelized in honey and cinnamon for a simple and delicious treat! This recipe fries the bananas briefly in a pan containing melted coconut oil. The coconut oil adds a nice amount of healthy saturated fats (yes, that's actually a thing). I have to admit that I was hesitant to try them out myself, but after the first bite of fried banana, I was sold. A fried banana recipe is my solution to your.

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